A breakdown of my consulting packages

Unique value proposition

What is your unique value? What value do you have to offer to the digital space? I'm able to help you assess your value, help you consider business ideas and help you assess what you can achieve. Through experience, current trends and research I'll be able to demystify your brilliant talents and show you how to create a product or a service based on your unique value.

Web design and development

Making sense of suppliers, developers and solutions. I'll listen to your needs and guide you to understand your requirements and how to go about achieving your goals with your website. I'll suggest the best platforms, developers and designers that will get the job done for the right budget, time and aftersales service.

Paid Search Marketing (Beginners Basic) - Multichannel Web and Mobile

I will guide you on how to start advertising and promoting your services, products, apps or website on various social and advertising platforms. There are a lot of budget-friendly solutions to instantly get you started with digital advertising.

Some of the highlights that will be addressed are:

  • Setting up and managing your own advertising and how to save thousands of Rands by doing very simple things yourself.
  • Reading reports, determining what campaigns are successful and which ones not.
  • Using free resources to grow your digital strategy with very little effort.
  • Growth hacking fundamentals and how you can grow your success by evolving your current practices.
  • Different ways of advertising using digital marketing.
  • Setting up and integrating all the tracking pixels into your own website and tracking all your campaigns and results.

Creating a brand

Creating your brand should be something you enjoy and the process of setting up your brand should be fun. There are many things to keep in mind when starting your brand. By listening to your needs and assessing your goals, I'll help you consider your options based on what your dreams and goal are with your brand. I'll be able to guide you and put you in touch with the best resources based on your budget.

SEO, content and page rank consulting

By evaluating your current website, traffic and page rank and aligning that to your goals I will assess your current SEO structure. Whether you have an existing website(s) or just starting off. I will audit all your website content and traffic data reports and give you a clear strategy to achieve your digital marketing goals

Paid Search Marketing (Advanced) - Multichannel Web and Mobile

Typically aimed at more experienced marketers or companies looking to expand digital marketing efforts. After reviewing your results I listen to your needs and align your goals with current results. Based on my evaluation and your goal I'll be able to help you strategize a roadmap for reaching your goals whatever it might be. I'll be able to put you in touch with some of the best suppliers and resources for you to use and implement your strategy that will assists you achieving your clear set goals.

Some of the highlights that will be addressed are:

  • Increasing your operation and overall investment.
  • What to expect from new or additional channels and sources.
  • Where to go and who to deal with based on your requirements.
  • How to really be profitable and gauge campaign success.
  • Growth hacking and what that means for your digital strategies and services.
  • How to stay on top of latest technology and how to adapt

Digital Advertising Consulting to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

media planning

media buying

creative creation

reputation management