Hi, I'm Derek

Digital Advertising Consultant to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

When first learning how to code C and C++ back in 1999, I never thought that I would ever be where I am today. With a solid Classic Art background, I found a way to combine my love for art and programming. I built my first website In 1999. I have a ton of stories about clients and the things they get up to. I have seen a lot of frustration, panic and, extreme joy after months of work results in a successful brand or campaign. I say thank you for all the opportunities. All the late nights and impossible meetings. Through this, I have learned so much about advertising and business.

Allow me to share my lessons, experience & professionalism with you. I have great ideas with a pro client success mindset. I have built and have been a part of great campaigns in South Africa and the UK from brand conceptualization to design and production, technical, programming to the campaign going live. I've delivered full circle solutions in every sector of business. As much as I love seeing my clients happy with a healthy ROI I love to get to know them, make plans with them, have late night calls and celebrate success, with them.

The digital space can be very challenging when you start up. More so, when you realize an opportunity to expand and grow your business. With an overload of info and amazing solutions available, it's very easy to be overwhelmed and feel the need to ask for a second opinion.

I love my job. I would like to possibly work with you. I would love to know what you want to achieve or help you discover exactly that.

Let's have a good chat over a cup of decent coffee.

Kind regards,

Digital Advertising Consulting to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

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