Free yourself from digital confusion.

Take advantage of years of experience. Buy better and see healthier returns.

Start with the basics. Creating and managing your digital presence.

How to set up a digital presence and create your online brand. What is hosting and email and how to get it. What is a good website and how to create one. How to use Social Media.

Performance Media Planning & Buying. Reach More People Than Ever Before.

Get More Subscribers, APP Installs, Leads and Meetings. I deliver Multichannel Advertising Technologies on Flexible Cost using Programmatic Direct.  I offer flexible CPM, CPC, CPA, CPI, CPE, Cost Per Email and PCM models.

What is your plan? Learn to plan and work using the internet.

What is a marketing plan or digital strategy and how to create one? How to start advertising your business. How to calculate profitability and know your return on investment.

Development & Creative Creation. Expert Website Development and UX Design

Development and UX design for media and creative integration. Custom websites that work on any device. Easy to use and easy to update online shops. Landing pages that convert. Artwork that speaks to the heart.

Digital Advertising Consulting to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

media planning

media buying

creative creation

reputation management